Best golf ball for a 10 handicap golfer

We were recently asked ” What’s the best golf ball for a 10 handicap player?”

10 Handicap players are in that special place between being an average golfer and joining that small group of people who become a single handicap golfer.

It’s normally at this point when they start to look at ways to try and gain a little extra advantage to lower their handicap by one or two shots, putting them safely into the single handicap league.

It’s at this stage when you should look at the equipment you’re using for answers. Most golfers between 10-14 handicap stick with what they know and the equipment that has got them to where they are today. However, they seem to hit a brick wall and need that extra push to lower their score to finally get them into single figures.

Little things like an extra 10 yards from your drive or more backspin in and around the greens will give them that extra shot or two you need to get to single handicap figures.

best golf ball for 10 handicapper

Will a better golf ball help?

Without doubt, it’s around 10 handicap that golfers will start to question the quality of their golf balls. Most golfers that lose one or two balls per round and that’s a lot of mid handicap players will not use top quality ball. There’s no point as it would be very expensive.

Most golfer around 10-20 Handicap will use balls like the ones below:

These golf balls offer great quality at affordable prices and are perfect for most golfers between 10-20 Handicap. We would recommend for golfers just starting to not even use the balls above. They are reasonably priced but if you’re losing 3-4 balls per round like most high handicappers do, then use a cheaper ball like the Dunlop NZ9 These are great balls for beginners.

What will a better golf ball do for my game?

There are three main points why a better golf ball will help you improve your scores:

  1. Distance: Although the difference between two golf balls like a Srixon AD333 and a top quality Titleist Pro v1 will be small, when you’re on the edge of becoming a single handicap players a 10 Yard gain off the tee may be the difference between getting on a par 5 in Two rather than your normal 3 shots. That’s One-shot saved right there.
  2. Spin: No one can argue that a top quality ball like a Titleist Pro V1 or a Taylormade TP5 will help you gain more spin on the ball due to the quality of the outer layer. A golf ball that spin will stop better and you will have more control on the greens.
  3. Feel: The feel off the clubface with a top quality golf ball will give you more feedback and allow you to learn more from each shot. Knowing and trusting the ball you’re playing will give you the confidence to go pin seeking rather than laying up. On the putting green the feel of the golf ball is the number one factor when choosing a new golf ball. The more feedback you get the better your putting will be.

If you’d like to improve your putting read our article: PuttOUT training aid

best golf ball for 10 handicapper

Which is the best golf ball for a 10 Handicap golfer?

When it comes to choosing that new golf ball that will help you get from being a 10 handicap golfer to a single figure player. It must be said that there are 4-5 great balls to choose from. However, there’s not a lot of difference between them, to be honest. They are all premium golf balls and they’re obviously more expensive but you won’t be losing many balls if you’re a 10 Handicap player. So paying the extra will be money well spent.

The quality of these balls will also mean it lasts you a few rounds. If you’re playing in a competition we’d always suggest using a new ball each round, but the average Taylormade TP5 or Titleist pro v1 will certainly be fine for your average round with friends for at least 2-3 rounds.

Should I change at all?

We can’t really answer this question for you. Only you know if you can get that little extra from the golf equipment and golf balls you’re using or if that little extra is in your game or swing.

A good golf coach will tell you if they think you need better equipment or if you should focus on certain areas of your game like Putting or chipping.

In our opinion, if you can afford it then get the best golf balls and clubs you can afford. There’s no doubt you can still get amazing results and enjoyment from cheaper equipment but if you want that peace of mind then buy the best.

In our opinion, the balls listed below are certainly in the BEST GOLF BALL category.


TaylorMade TP5 Golf Balls - 1 Dozen White

15 new from £38.19
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as of 21/07/2019 11:42 AM


  • 5 LAYERS. ZERO COMPROMISES.- TP5 and TP5x feature a Tri-Fast Core and Dual-Spin Cover that combine for a 5-layer golf ball construction that is specifically engineered to perform with every club in your bag
  • TRI-FAST CORE- The unique 3-layer core system in TP5 and TP5x features progressive compression, enabling maximum energy transfer and generating massive speed on full shots
  • DUAL-SPIN COVER- The contrast of an ultra-soft cast urethane cover and a semi-rigid inner-cover creates maximum interaction between the cover and club grooves, resulting in exceptional spin performance with full wedge shots and pinpoint control from around the green
  • TaylorMade branding on ball
  • Pack of 12 Balls

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls, White, Low Numbers 1-4 (One Dozen)

9 new from £41.50
1 used from £ 32.68
Free shipping
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as of 21/07/2019 11:42 AM


  • Pro V1 is a multi-component golf ball that is precisely engineered to provide total performance for every player and deliver unmatched quality and consistency on every shot
  • The next generation 2.0 ZG process core contributes to longer distance on all shots through lower spin and faster ball speed
  • The soft urethane elastomer cover System helps to deliver drop-and-stop greenside control and soft feel with long-lasting durability
  • The thin, responsive ionomeric casing layer enhances speed and controls spin on full shots
  • The new spherically-tiled 352 tetrahedral dimple design provides even more consistent flight

Callaway Men's Chrome Soft Golf Balls, White, One Dozen

4 new from £28.99
Free shipping
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as of 21/07/2019 11:42 AM


  • Tour proven performance with exceptional feel
  • Dual SoftFast core provides higher ball speeds with the driver and higher spin for control around the greens.
  • Optimal Ball Flight
  • Maximum control and Versatility around the green
  • 4-Piece Construction

Snell MTB Red My Tour Golf Balls, White (One Dozen)

1 new from £26.18
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as of 21/07/2019 11:42 AM


  • Tour caliber golf ball
  • Cast urethane cover
  • Great performance

Callaway Men's Chrome Soft Golf Balls, Truvis White/Red, One Dozen

11 new from £26.69
Free shipping
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as of 21/07/2019 11:42 AM


  • Tour proven performance with exceptional feel
  • Dual SoftFast core provides higher ball speeds with the driver and higher spin for control around the greens.
  • Optimal Ball Flight
  • Maximum control and Versatility around the green
  • 4-Piece Construction

Volvik Unisex Vivid Golf Balls, Green, One Dozen

16 new from £31.05
Free shipping
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as of 21/07/2019 11:42 AM


  • Target: Mid-Level golfers seeking more focus and softer feel
  • Extremely bright and stylish colour
  • Stable and consistent flight
  • Longer distance for slower swing speed
  • Consistent and accurate green control

Bridgestone Tour B330 2016 Golf Ball, 12-pack

2 new from £29.99
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as of 21/07/2019 11:42 AM


  • A new engine - the all new Tour core is 6% larger and utilizes a steeper Gradient in softness from the inner part of the core to the outer region, resulting in faster ball speed and more reduced spin off the driver than ever before
  • The newly formulated slippers cover has the highest friction coefficient rating possible for maximum greenside spin and reduced spin off the driver for longer distance. Slippers also delivers a self-repairing cover for longer playability
  • Seamless cover Technology (sct) is a proprietary manufacturing process that eliminates the straight part line and results in the most consistent golf ball in terms of accuracy, distance and trajectory ever created
  • Our proprietary dual dimple cover pattern feature smaller inner Dimples that further reduce drag at launch for faster elevation, while the larger outer Dimples promote a shallow angle of descent for increased rollout on Landing

Srixon Z-StarXV - Standard Golf Balls Color: White

1 new from £30.59
Free shipping
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as of 21/07/2019 11:42 AM


ColorPure White
EAN ListEAN List Element: 0653427058859
Item DimensionsHeight: 157; Length: 748; Weight: 110; Width: 551
Package DimensionsHeight: 181; Length: 740; Weight: 146; Width: 559
Package Quantity1
Part NumberZ-StarXV_Blanco-Unica
Product GroupSports
TitleSrixon Z-StarXV - Standard Golf Balls Color: White
UPC ListUPC List Element: 653427058859

Final Thoughts

Having the best golf balls will give you so much confidence and stop all those little doubts in your head that your golf ball is holding you back.

For the extra £10 or so extra for upgrading from your current golf ball to one of the premium balls available you will get extra distance, spin control, and feedback.

Can we guarantee you’ll improve by using these golf balls, No, we can’t as we don’t know your game. But if you’re searching on the internet for Best golf ball for a 10 Handicap player then you must have some doubts about the golf balls you’re using.

So get rid of that doubt and buy a box today and see if that will finally give you the little edge to lower your handicap to single figures.

Below is our personal preference through nothing more than using these balls and loving them. Two of the writers at Golfpricecompare use these and we love them.

Editors choice

Taylormade TP5